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Booking A Hotel For A Family Vacation

Booking a hotel for a family vacation is a lot different than booking one for a business trip, a vacation with your spouse, etc. There are more variables to consider that will determine how stressful or enjoyable your vacation will be, so you need to take extra care when selecting a hotel. In most cases, a family vacation means you'll have children with you, and based on their ages, you'll need to consider how to ensure you don't run into any issues.

Here are some things to consider that will help you make the best decisions when booking a hotel for a family vacation:

Room Size and Layout

The size and layout of your hotel are much more important when you're vacationing with family members. You'll likely be staying for at least a few nights, so you'll want to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Choose a room size that's big enough for your whole family, and consider whether you want a room with separate bedrooms.

Number of Rooms

In some cases, it makes sense to book multiple hotel rooms for a family vacation. It will depend on the number of adults there are, the ages of the children, and the size of your family. If you're traveling with relatives, they may want to have their own personal space, and if the children in your family are old enough, you could book two adjoining rooms so the adults have more privacy.


When you're on a family vacation, you'll likely want to stay at a hotel near the attractions you're planning on visiting. You may want to be within driving distance of certain places, or even walking distance. Staying closer to the sites you want to see will make your family vacation much more enjoyable, as you'll avoid the stress of sitting in traffic and driving long distances.


If anyone in your family has a disability or is elderly, you should consider accessibility options for the hotel. Are there assistant bars in the bathroom, a ramp or elevator to the higher levels of the hotel, etc.? You want to ensure that everyone in your group is as comfortable as possible during your vacation, and checking the accessibility of the hotel before booking can help you avoid needing to book elsewhere at the last minute.

Cribs or Extra Beds

If you have children in your family, you may need to check to make sure that the hotel has cribs available, or even extra beds or cots. You want everyone in your family to have a comfortable, safe sleep, so it's worth asking about it ahead of time.

For more help with family vacation hotel booking, contact a local hotel.