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How To Make Your Pet Feel At Home In A Pet-Friendly Hotel Room

Traveling with your furry friend can be an exciting and rewarding experience — or it can be a miserable time that neither you nor your pet will ever want to repeat in this lifetime. Getting a room in a pet-friendly hotel is a good start, but keep in mind that making your pet feel at home in a pet-friendly hotel room can require some extra effort on your part. Here are some tips to help your pet adjust and feel comfortable in a new environment.

Bring Familiar Items

Bringing your pet's favorite toys, bed, blanket, and food bowls can help create a familiar scent and environment. Having these familiar objects can help reduce anxiety and create a sense of comfort for your pet.

Give Them Time to Adjust

It's important to give your pet some time to adjust to the new environment. Let them explore the room and surroundings on their own. If they seem nervous or anxious, give them time to settle in before introducing them to new experiences.

Stick to Your Routines

Keeping to your usual feeding and walking schedule can help your pet feel more secure and comfortable. Maintaining these routines can help your pet feel more relaxed and confident in the new environment.

Consider Calming Aids

If your pet is prone to anxiety, consider bringing some calming aids like pheromone sprays or calming treats. These can help reduce stress and promote relaxation in a new environment.

Be Aware of Hotel Rules

It's important to check with the hotel before arriving to see if there are any restrictions on pets in the room or common areas. Some hotels may require pets to be crated or have restrictions on the size or breed of the pet. Others prohibit leaving pets alone in the room for any reason, even if they're in a crate, so it's important to thoroughly understand their policies before booking a stay. If you won't be able to include your pet in obligations such as business meetings or family functions, look for a pet-friendly hotel that offers on-site pet daycare. 

Have Fun

Traveling with your pet can be a great bonding experience. Look for pet-friendly activities in the area and enjoy your time together. By taking some extra steps to help your pet feel at home in a pet-friendly hotel room, you can ensure a stress-free and enjoyable vacation for both you and your furry friend.

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