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Talking About Hotel Stays

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How Should You Make Reservations At A Resort?

When you decide you want to stay at a resort, you will need to reserve your room so one will be available for your trip. If you know the exact dates of your stay, you can book ahead of time, which sometimes results in a lower price. You may also get a better deal when you book a room during the off-season or on less-booked nights, such as avoiding weekends.

Do You Need to Book Ahead of Time

Usually, booking ahead of time will get you the best deal possible. However, there are times when a resort doesn't have many bookings, and they will give you a discount for a last-minute stay. If you want to make sure there's availability, book as far in advance as possible, as sell-outs are common, and you'll be left struggling to find other options. 

When you're ready to book, whether in advance or the day of, you'll have many options. Here are the most standard booking methods for hotels and resorts.

Over the Phone

There was a time not that long ago when most people booked resort stays over the phone. You would look for the resorts' names and phone numbers in your trip's location and give them a call to find out if there are vacancies. You could then either use your name to make a reservation and pay when you arrive or make a payment over the phone. 

On the Official Hotel Website

If you know where you want to stay, you can go to their official website to book from there. There are often incentives to get people to book directly on a resort's website, such as lower fees or exclusive offers, like complimentary breakfast. The resort has complete control over its website, so the more guests they can get to book through it, the better—they can promote future promotions, specials, other locations, etc. 

On a Travel App or Website

People nowadays tend to book hotel or resort reservations using travel apps and websites. It makes it easy to compare the prices of different resorts in the area, see the available rooms, etc. You may even get discounts when booking through these apps and websites because the resorts know they're competing with one another on them. 

At the Hotel

If you're looking for a last-minute room at a resort, you can go to the front desk and see what they have available. You indeed risk there being no vacancies, but if there are, you might be able to get a better deal or upgrade your room. It's the most personal of all booking options, but it also comes with risks.