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A Few Tips For Hotel Restaurant Reservations When They Are Fully Booked

Whether you are coming from out of town, or are local, getting a reservation at a fully booked hotel restaurant can seem impossible. However, if you persevere, and do not upset the concierge and/or maitre d', it is possible if you can be flexible. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to a special night in a special restaurant.

Get on the Waitlist

A waitlist operates a bit differently than a reservation and some restaurants use them instead of a reservation. You get on the list and then are notified when there is a table for you. It is very similar to waiting at a restaurant but generally, a waitlist is used when the wait is going to be longer than a couple of hours. You will receive a call or text letting you know your table will be ready shortly. You must be able to get there on time or the next people on the list will get your table. You may need to get on the waitlist every day until a table is available for you.

Make a Reservation for A Later Time

If you are told there are no tables available for the time you are trying to book, ask what time would be better. Quite often there are a few tables open throughout the day, just not at a time when most people want to eat. As long as you are flexible you should be able to make a reservation for some point during your trip. If you are local, you have the advantage of being able to try for a table a few months down the road.

Call After Daily Cancellations

Hotel restaurant reservations are confirmed each day. It is not uncommon for there to be cancellations instead of confirmations. Find out when the restaurant calls for confirmation and call to try for a reservation then. 

If you still have trouble getting a reservation, you can always show up all dressed for dinner. If you are turned away let them know you will be at the bar or lounge. This way, if someone has a late cancellation you may be able to get a table. Be sure to let the maitre d' know that you will not take up too much time at a table and let them know how long you can wait at the lounge. Be polite, smile, and make sure you are appropriately dressed.