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3 Kinds of Family-Friendly Hotel Rooms That Your Kid Will Love

Hotels have come a long way from simply being a place to rest your head for the night. Hotel companies recognize that it's quite common for a family to need a place to stay during road trips and vacations, and they're going out of their way to be just as welcoming to children as grown-ups. Here are some cool kid-friendly features you should look for when booking a hotel for your family.

Family Friendly Intended

If you're going to stay at a hotel that's just a short stop on the trip to your destination, you can still find a room that will delight your kids. Some hotel chains have begun to deck out their family suites with special amenities aimed at kids, like bunk beds, play tables, book libraries, and more. Read online reviews to find the hotels that have already made other parents' children happy, and decide which one is right for you.

Themed Rooms

If you're going to be taking a vacation at or near a theme park, the fun doesn't have to end when your kids come back to the hotel room each night. Many theme park hotels have begun to offer themed rooms that go way beyond a little artwork on the walls. Some offer themed beds and furniture, while others even offer visits from the theme park mascot to tuck your kids into bed at night.

Amazingly Creative Suites

Some hotels have gone out of their way to create a once in a lifetime experience when you stay at their family suites. For example, at one hotel in New Hampshire, they've gone so far as to design all of their suites with a special theme. One popular one is the treehouse-themed suite, which brings the freedom of outdoor play into the hotel. The room is divided for adults to have a section to enjoy, while the kids' bed area is nestled up in the pretend tree that the room gets its name from.

These types of rooms are growing in popularity, as they're not only a delight for the family staying in them, but they also encourage families to come back and try out a new room each time they stay.

Whether you're stopping for the night before you hit the road again or staying for several days, there are a lot of fun options at hotels out there for families. Book a room or suite at a hotel like Cascade Inn that's just as fun as the vacation itself.