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Talking About Hotel Stays

Hi there, my name is Shelly Victors. I am going to use this site to talk about hotels around the world. When I stay at a hotel, I want to experience all of the amenities that location has to offer. I regularly visit the pools, gyms and spas before deciding if that hotel will sit on my favorite's list. I want to explore various ways my readers can net a great deal on a hotel that offers an experience unlike any other. My site will cover all of the features you can expect from the best hotels around the world. I hope you will visit often to learn all you can about this exciting topic. See you again soon!

2 Reasons An Oceanfront Balcony Room Is Worth The Splurge

There's something about an oceanfront balcony room that just feels special. Maybe it's the sound of the waves crashing against the shore or the salty air blowing through your hair. Whatever it is, there's no doubt that spending a few nights in one of these rooms is worth the splurge. Here are a few reasons why. You Can Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Beach An oceanfront balcony room offers you a front-row seat to some of nature's most stunning sights. Read More 

Tips For Finding The Right Hotel For You

It can be difficult to pick the right hotel for your trip. Hotels are located practically everywhere in any given town or city with chain hotels or privately owned, smaller hotels seemingly on every corner in many big cities. How do you know what the right choice of hotel is for you and your family? There are a few things to consider when choosing a hotel to stay in and your needs will differ from others. Read More 

How Should You Make Reservations At A Resort?

When you decide you want to stay at a resort, you will need to reserve your room so one will be available for your trip. If you know the exact dates of your stay, you can book ahead of time, which sometimes results in a lower price. You may also get a better deal when you book a room during the off-season or on less-booked nights, such as avoiding weekends. Read More 

A Few Tips For Hotel Restaurant Reservations When They Are Fully Booked

Whether you are coming from out of town, or are local, getting a reservation at a fully booked hotel restaurant can seem impossible. However, if you persevere, and do not upset the concierge and/or maitre d', it is possible if you can be flexible. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to a special night in a special restaurant. Get on the Waitlist A waitlist operates a bit differently than a reservation and some restaurants use them instead of a reservation. Read More 

Tips To Prepare For Your Vacation Rental Reservation And Stay

Vacation time can be any time through the year depending on whether you are traveling to chase the sunshine, you want to enjoy fall colors at the lake, or some skiing in the winter. To prepare you for your vacation, the rental accommodations you choose will provide you with a space to rest in the evening, a place to eat meals, and extra time for relaxing, so make sure you plan for your rental reservations and regulations. Read More