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3 Things To Remember When Looking For A Hotel On The Southern Oregon Coast

When it comes to looking for the best hotel on the Southern Oregon Coast, there are a few different things that you are going to want to take into consideration. These are going to be personalized depending on your wants and needs, so be sure to take the time to consider exactly what it is that you feel is important to you during your stay. This article will discuss 3 things to remember when looking for a hotel on the Southern Oregon Coast. 

Choose The Perfect Location For What You’d Like To Do

Since you are going to be staying on the coast, the view is likely very important to you. While there are going to be hotels located all over the coast, some are going to be closer to the beach than locations than others. If it is important to you that you are staying right on the beach, so that you can not only see it from your hotel balcony, but can also walk down to the beach at anytime, then you are going to want to find a hotel that offers this. These hotels that are close to the beach allow you to experience the beach culture and really get a feel for the area. This location may cost you a bit more than other hotels that are further away, but for many the opportunity to be so close to the ocean is more than worth it. 

Weigh Out The Pros and Cons Of The Price 

Price is perhaps one of the biggest factors that people take into consideration when determining where to stay. Keep in mind that booking the hotel in advance can save you a great deal of money. You also may be able to save money per day if you plan on staying for an extended amount of time, because of vacation packages the hotel offers. When it comes to planning your vacation budget, look at not only the price of the hotel itself, but also the cost of dining, transportation, etc. You may find that a hotel that is a bit more expensive, but offers continental breakfasts and is within walking distances to all of the locations that you need to go to, will cost your less overall than a hotel that is a bit cheaper but doesn’t allow you to do these things. 

Find A Hotel With Amenities That Meet Your Personal Needs 

The amenities that a hotel offers can often make or break it for people, so be sure to look into exactly what the hotel has to offer before you book it. If you have children that need a pool, make sure that it is going to be open during your stay. If you need internet access for work, if you need to have an exercise facility, or if you are banking on a balcony out your window, you can check for all of these beforehand to find the perfect hotels near gold beach Oregon.

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How You Can Maintain A Healthy Diet During Travel

Maintaining a healthy diet while you are at home can be a lot easier than trying to do so while traveling. The food choices you may find easiest to obtain during your travels may be high in calories, fats and other unwanted content like sodium and chemicals used for processing. If you worry about eating habits while traveling, check out these tips for helping you eat healthy on the road.

Planning Ahead Can Help You Stay On Track

Before you reserve a hotel, always take the time to learn more about their restaurant and its menu options. You may be excited to get away for a while and forget the stress of cooking meals and other tasks of daily life, but making sure you do not get off your diet is important to avoid major setbacks. Choose accommodations that offer healthy meals instead of choosing one that serves only fast food choices like cheeseburgers and fries. Most major hotel chains do offer food choices like salad bars and meats that are broiled. If a hotel cannot offer you a look at its menu before you make reservations, find one that does so you plan ahead for healthy eating.

Choosing A Hotel Room With Kitchenette

If you plan to stay at a hotel for more than a few days, choosing a room with a kitchenette is a good idea. You can plan and prepare your own meals in a kitchenette instead of eating brunch and other meals every day at the hotel. In this way, you can choose the foods you eat and you know what kinds of seasonings and other ingredients are being used. This is especially important if you are trying to maintain a diet because of heart issues or diabetes.

Skipping Breakfast Is Never Good

No matter if you are dieting to lose weight or doing so due to a medical condition like diabetes, skipping meals, especially breakfast, can cause you to eat more recklessly during the day. Eating a healthy breakfast before you leave your hotel will help you have more willpower to say no to fast foods later in the day. On the weekends, try something fun like treating yourself to a yummy and healthy brunch that’s high in protein and low in fat. Remember to make your lunch in your room’s kitchenette before going to the next business meeting or leisure destination so you can count on eating only the number of calories set out in your diet plan.

Beverages Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Caloric Intake

Drinking too many sodas or other sweetened beverages can have a huge impact on the number of calories you consume in a day. For this reason, buying a case of bottled water to keep in your hotel fridge is a good idea. Take a couple of bottles with you to avoid being thirsty and giving in to the temptation of sodas or other sweetened drinks. Drinking plenty of water can also help you feel fuller, thus maintaining your cravings while out and about during your travels.

Enjoying your travels can be tough if you trying to stay on a diet. However, by planning ahead, you can enjoy your travels while also enjoying the benefits of a healthier you.

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3 Kinds of Family-Friendly Hotel Rooms That Your Kid Will Love

Hotels have come a long way from simply being a place to rest your head for the night. Hotel companies recognize that it’s quite common for a family to need a place to stay during road trips and vacations, and they’re going out of their way to be just as welcoming to children as grown-ups. Here are some cool kid-friendly features you should look for when booking a hotel for your family.

Family Friendly Intended

If you’re going to stay at a hotel that’s just a short stop on the trip to your destination, you can still find a room that will delight your kids. Some hotel chains have begun to deck out their family suites with special amenities aimed at kids, like bunk beds, play tables, book libraries, and more. Read online reviews to find the hotels that have already made other parents’ children happy, and decide which one is right for you.

Themed Rooms

If you’re going to be taking a vacation at or near a theme park, the fun doesn’t have to end when your kids come back to the hotel room each night. Many theme park hotels have begun to offer themed rooms that go way beyond a little artwork on the walls. Some offer themed beds and furniture, while others even offer visits from the theme park mascot to tuck your kids into bed at night.

Amazingly Creative Suites

Some hotels have gone out of their way to create a once in a lifetime experience when you stay at their family suites. For example, at one hotel in New Hampshire, they’ve gone so far as to design all of their suites with a special theme. One popular one is the treehouse-themed suite, which brings the freedom of outdoor play into the hotel. The room is divided for adults to have a section to enjoy, while the kids’ bed area is nestled up in the pretend tree that the room gets its name from.

These types of rooms are growing in popularity, as they’re not only a delight for the family staying in them, but they also encourage families to come back and try out a new room each time they stay.

Whether you’re stopping for the night before you hit the road again or staying for several days, there are a lot of fun options at hotels out there for families. Book a room or suite at a hotel like Cascade Inn that’s just as fun as the vacation itself.

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Five Things You Need To Know Before Retiring In Ecuador

“International Living” magazine has called Ecuador “The World’s Best retirement haven.” The magazine notes its “perfect” climate, friendly atmosphere, low cost-of-living and beautiful landscape. However, before you pack up your belongings and travel around 3,000 miles away, it’s wise to learn as much as you can about your new home.

1. You’ll need some Spanish. While many people speak English in the larger cities, Spanish is the official language in Ecuador. To best enjoy your life there, you’ll need to spend the time, energy and money to become at least conversational in Spanish.

2. There are no true seasons in Ecuador. This can be good or bad news, depending on your point of view. Ecuador sits directly on the equator and, thus, has the same amount of sunlight year-round. Since most cities are located in the highlands, the temperatures are more moderate than you find in many other equatorial countries. This is helpful in keeping heating and cooling bills low. However, if you crave snowy winters and long, summer days, this probably isn’t the right destination for you.

3. It’s expensive to travel back to the states. It takes a lot of time and money to travel back to the United States from Ecuador. Airfares from Quito to New York City start at around $625 for connecting flights and at around $1,000 for a non-stop flight. The trip takes around six hours non-stop (much longer if you change planes.)

4. You can live well for much less money in Ecuador. According “NBC News,” it’s possible to live well on $2,000 per month or even less in Ecuador. Rents, health care, utilities and meals cost much less in that country than they do in most parts of the United States. According to “NBC,” you can find a three-course lunch for $2.50 and a glass of local beer is just 85 cents.

5. You don’t have to worry about currency conversions. Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar as its official currency, so you won’t have to get use to a new form of currency and value, nor will you have the expense of converting your money to another currency.

While retiring to Ecuador may not be the right choice for everyone, relocating to this South American country can help your retirement income go further and expose you to a new and diverse culture.  It’s just important to do your homework before you set off to parts unknown. Now that you know a little more, go ahead and continue to search for those beautiful ecuador homes for sale!

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How To Plan A Budget-Friendly Vacation

Are you looking to get the most out of the budget that was set for your vacation? The key to getting the most out of your money is to be picky about where you lodge and the amenities that are available. Learn how to vacation the smart way so you won’t end up in a financial bind from going over your budget.

What Kind of Hotel Room Should Be Purchased When on a Budget?

If you will be staying in your vacation destination for a while, you will want a room that is priced based on the length of stay. For instance, there are hotels that are specifically designed for extended stay guests that will give a discount if you stay for a week. Sometimes you will only need to be there a few days before the discounted rate kicks in. The best thing about extended stay hotels is that many of them are equipped with full kitchens that will allow you to cook instead of wasting money at restaurants.

If you don’t want to stay at an extended stay hotel, you may want to opt for one that can do a price match. Basically, if you find a hotel that is cheaper and at the same star level, the hotel of your choice may be willing to beat or match the price to gain your business. Getting the room online is also a great way to get a good deal if it is done through a booking website. You may even get a discount if the room is booked in advance, but it is at the discretion of the hotel.

What are the Best Amenities to Seek After When Vacationing on a Budget?

If you are not staying at a hotel that has a kitchen in the room, make sure one of the amenities offered is a full complimentary breakfast. You must make sure you will be getting a full complimentary breakfast if you want food items like eggs, waffles, biscuits and whatever else the hotel is serving. If the breakfast is not full, you may only be served items like pastries and juice.

You can also save money on recreation if you make sure there is a swimming pool at the hotel. Purchase some floating devices and fun pool games to make the water more entertaining. Start planning your vacation the smart way so you can get the most out of your budget!

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Retirement Planning: How To Get Started

Whether you are nearing retirement age or thinking about the future, retirement planning is something everyone should do. It helps you get ready for the days when you are no longer working by helping to start the right savings account and providing enough income to pay for a senior living community if that is what you decide on. Here are some tips for starting your retirement plan.

Create Financial Goals

One of the first things you will do in order to start your retirement plan is to start saving money, but without a goal, it can be hard to know how much to save. Before you start transferring money into your savings account, set some financial goals. You should have short-term goals and long-term goals for saving purposes. A short-term goal might be to have enough money for a life insurance policy, while long-term goals often include the amount of money you think you will need to have a pleasant retirement. Once you create your financial goals, figure out how much you need to put away each month to meet these goals.

Plan for Future Living Arrangements

You will also need to plan for your future living arrangements, not just daily expenses. For example, there may come a time when you need to move out of your current home and live in a senior retirement community. Now is a good time to start researching these communities in your area and ask about their rent. It is never too early to start finding out what your alternatives might be. Check out independent living and senior homes, as you never know what your needs will be.

Find Out if You Have Pension

If you are still employed, do you know if your employer has a pension plan? This could keep you from retiring too soon and help you to better plan your finances for the future. Some pension plans require you to work a certain number of years before you qualify. If you want to retire when you are 55 but the pension won’t go in effect until you are 58, that is a good reason to hang in there for a little longer. You can also find out what the pension plan is and approximately how much you will get when you retire.

Take Advantage of Employer Retirement Plans

You also want to take full advantage of retirement plans offered by your employer. To begin with, start transferring a certain amount of your income into their 401k plan. This can be a very small percentage and will give you money to live on when you retire. Another thing to look into is whether or not your employer has a matching rule. This means they will match whatever you choose to put into the 401k plan. If you transfer 2% of your income, and they match it, then you have twice as much in that savings account.

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Things To Consider When You’Re Planning A Family Vacation On A Limited Budget

When you’re planning a family vacation with a limited budget, you need to prioritize how your spend your money by determining what aspects of your vacation are most important to your family. Fortunately, prioritizing your vacation funds doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make sure you take these three things into consideration while making your plans.

Should You Choose a Hotel or a Resort?

Most people automatically look for cheap hotel rooms when they are trying to plan a vacation on a limited budget. However, depending on your family’s needs and your destination, it might be cheaper overall to stay at a resort. Keep in mind, resort rooms are going to cost more than a cheap hotel room, but resorts have plenty of on-site activities that your family can enjoy, and added amenities and sometimes meal costs. So, you’ll save money on entertainment. Also, if you find a resort with plenty of activities, you might not need to venture off site at all. This means, you don’t need to spend money on a rental vehicle.

Should You Fly or Drive to Your Destination?

In most cases, it’s cheaper to drive to your destination than it is to fly. Not only does the cost of plane tickets add up quickly, but unless you’re planning a resort vacation, you’ll need to rent a car once you arrive at your destination. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider flying at all. You should always check the price of plane tickets before you decide you want to drive. Then, compare the price of the plane tickets, and rental car if needed, to the cost of the gas you’ll use if you drive and the cost of any pre-trip car maintenance to determine which option is cheaper for your family.

Planning Your Itinerary

When you’re planning a family vacation on a tight budget, you should plan your trip itinerary before you go because you’re more likely to overspend if you’re winging it. If you’re planning a resort vacation or a cruise, consider choosing an all-inclusive option so that your food and entertainment is included in your upfront trip cost. If you aren’t planning to take a cruise or visit a resort, take some of these things into consideration:

  • Are there any free attractions in the area?
  • How easy is it to take packed lunches with you to nearby attractions?
  • How much spending money will you need for each day?
  • Are there any specific attractions nearby that members of your family want to visit?

Planning a vacation for your family on a limited budget takes some work. However, by planning every aspect of your trip and prioritizing your vacation funds, you can plan a vacation that your whole family will enjoy without breaking the bank. You can get more answers about your trip planning by contacting a company like The Breakers Hotel.

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